Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Your local RSPCA Branch needs you – PLEASE READ!!!!

“It’s with great sadness that the committee has had to make the decision of suspending the intake of all animals till the end of the year due to high spending on private boarding (we don’t have our own centre) and vet bills. We will re-assess in October. However, we can take in animals from Greater Manchester Animal Hospital only if
they can be placed in our foster homes.”

Our RSPCA Macclesfield, SE Cheshire & Buxton branch is an entirely volunteer run charity, working under the guidelines and policies of the National RSPCA. It is completely self-funded by donations directly made to our branch by members of the public and funds raised by the fundraising team. We do not have an animal centre, instead our animals reside in either private boarding facilities, or with our dedicated team of fosterers. Therefore every bit of work that is done to help the animals that we save is done by volunteers – dedicated animal lovers who give up their spare time to run the branch from their own homes, on top of their own lives, working full time with families and the same every day to day busy lives as everybody else.

Regardless of your thoughts regarding the National RSPCA (I have seen a fair few negative comments recently), this is YOUR local branch for your local home town covering Macclesfield, Buxton, Wilmslow, Alsager, Sandbach, Poynton, Alderley Edge, Kettleshulme. Without this branch I would not be able to foster….for all of those people saying what an amazing job I am doing with the fostering, this is where you can do your bit – help with donations. Get the kids involved – cake bakes etc, even food donations for our animals currently in foster care/boarding kennels. Every bit helps!

To all those people sat behind a computer making negative comments who don’t know the half of what it takes to run this local branch, it’s so easy to pass judgement but the reality is that these volunteers all want the same thing as you at the end of the day – they want to help save animals in need. Only difference is they are actually doing something about it. So put your money where your mouth is – step up and help save our branch.

We cannot function without money. Please, please help us! We are begging for people to donate via texting. There are also other ways to donate, please go to our website and to the donate page.

Please share and spread the word, thank you for reading,



  1. Well start making the RSPCA HQ aware of the public feeling, as we hate the way they are neglecting animals in need of care

  2. Those people sat behind computers making negative comments are on the whole people who work tirelessly for local independent charities helping animals, and yes they are actually doing something about it, they are all too aware of the reality of what working under the national RSPCA guidelines and policies actually means, you are by association, tarred with the same brush.

    Your comments above have demonstrated that, like the RSPCA Horsham, you treat the general public as a gullible milk cow, you assume people are writing negatively from behind their keyboards and doing nothing else, actually those same people are helping the animals the RSPCA are too high and mighty to help, and they are often working for rescues that are raided by the RSPCA with conditions that are far better than at some of the branches, another fact demonstrated by the constant stream of pleas for funds to upgrade unsuitable animal accommodation, at RSPCA centres.

    I would suggest that if you really want to help all animals and not just those brought in by RSPCA workers as evidence in prosecution cases, then you might think about dissociating your selves form the RSPCA toxic brand.

  3. Don't give any money to this branch their HQ has 119 million pounds to beg money for from if its needed. RSPCA inspectors are SCUM they raid peoples homes who care for animals RSPCA INspectors are not in accordance with the AWA 2006 any one official they simply official scum destroying peoples lives and a facility signed up like this they use as dumping grounds for stolen pets stolen healthy pets Do not support the rspca no matter what level. this organisation if they care about animals needs 1st to ensure the care of whom they wish to represent and they represent the RSPCA whom are scum with 119 million pounds in the bank which is unwilling to help an independent charity if independent what was the point just to receive stolen pets to sell .. whats the point the RSPCA never arrive on anyones door step with a check whether it be public joe blow or independent facility. If you care about animals give the money to a friend neighbour or someone who has animals and is caring for them give the money to yoru local rescue or sanctuary. I personally believe in sanctuaries as sanctuaries home for life. This independent branch claims under the umbrella of HQ the HQ rules are THERE is no home for life policy their is a kill policy .. each rspca inspector is not medically qualified to help an animal but is gun trained hold a gun license to kill. DO NOT in any shape or form a gang of bandits that merged anyhows to rob and steal and fine dog fighting gangs which is now outlawed and no more a means to make a living so have moved to raiding peoples personal homes where vulnerable people live elderly disabled women on their own.

  4. It seems to be very common with local branches that they claim they are full and yet there are very few animals actually listed for rehoming on their websites. So what is the truth of it? Are they in fact full but only list the animals thought to be difficult to rehome? (if this is the case it's short sighted - if you are full, you move out anything that will free up pen space!) - or are they full of pets seized by over-zealous inspectors who see an animal in less than perfect health and immediately decide that the owner cannot possibly have taken that animal to a vet or that the vet cannot possibly be as good as the RSPCA's own vet and therefore that they must hold the animal and prosecute in order to get lots of lovely publicity and money?