Scooby Doo

Friday 17th October 2014

Unfortunately, through no fault of his own - Scooby was returned from the below couple after just a couple of days. They had realised that having a dog (any dog) was not for them. As frustrating as this was, it only turned out to be a blessing in disguise because now - Scooby has finally found the loving family he was destined to be with.

They absolutely adore him! I wish them all the very happiest of times together, Scooby so deserves this. It's been tough, but equally rewarding and I love him dearly. Don't think I need to say how much I will miss him, but am also incredibly happy for him too. Big love Scooby, here's to your happy ending.

Saturday 16th August

Well - this was a quick one, i have been quiet on the blog as all of my time was devoted to getting Scooby up to speed with over coming his separation anxiety and his toilet training. Happy to say - after a lot of hard work, he has come a long way - and even bagged himself a forever home!!! He is now prepared for new family life, a lot happier and now toilet training. Cath & Mike, Scooby's new parents, came to collect Scooby this morning. Wishing you every happiness Scooby, you deserve it.

Monday 9th June 2014

My new Foster dog has arrived!!! Say hello to Scooby Doo. This dinky little Staffy is just adorable - all he wants is to be loved. And rightly so, Scooby was abandoned at the age of about 1 1/2 with his sister. His previous owner just left them in a property....lucky for them they were rescued by the RSPCA. His sister has been re-homed - but poor little Scooby is still awaiting his forever home and has been for 10 months now.

Unsurprisingly - Scooby has some separation anxiety but now that he is in my foster care, I will be working very hard with him to over come this. I am confident that he will - he is already making progress, just one slight little misconception with what puppy pads are supposed to be used for though, he thought they were blankets to sleep on! :) Easy mistake to make.

Stay tuned to find out how he gets on.....

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